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Free online version

current build: v0.8.6

-24 GIF slots 2 banks
-playback controls
-3 layers.
- ~100 differents glitching fx.
-canvas 2D and Webgl shaders.
-Different modes of mixing and compositing.
-Luma / Chroma key
-Visual generators
-Video / webcam support
-DRAG AND DROP gifs direct from CHROME
-Record as gif, webm video or PNG sequence
-Audio reactivity, peak controler
-Midi support (clip triggering and sliders assignation)
-Automations via 12 assignable lfos.
-32 steps sequencer.
-Giphy.com public api support.
-web crawler to extract gifs from given url.
-Full VIDEOPONG.NET API integration.
-Quick acces to over 20k vj loops and your own account.
-Instant upload of newly recorded clips.
-Javascript live coding editor
-8 bit emulators (SEGA game gear / master system, Nintendo NES / FAMICOM , COMMODORE 64).
-Different color themes

+How much is GGV standalone?

Retail price is 25 euros.

+The online version is free and open source, why this one not?

GGV is the most advanced javascript project i have done and represent several hundreds hours of work durring the past year. Infortunately I need money to eat and pay my rent so buying this software for a few euros helps the developpent continue. Plus maintening Azopcorp.com services have a non negligeable cost...

+If I give you money, what exactly do I pay for?

You will get acces to all future updates untill v.2.0 and my infinite gratitude.

+You say that there will be new features implemented, what are they?

I have a lot of ideas that i would like to implement in the application.
So in the future you can expect several things comming in the updates like:
-modular interface for sources and fx chains.
-more layers.
-more sources
-more fx
-more generators
-mp4/webm video source support
-FFMPEG encoder
-embeded 8bit emulators
-fast loading kit format.
-giphy.com api support if asked.
-dedicated server to exchange kits and live code snipets.
-video mapping
-better code optimisation and performance
-maybe your ideas...
Funding this software is the best way to help those ideas become a reality.

+What is the minimum requirement?

A computer running a x64 version of Windows, OSX or Linux , with a fast CPU (Intel i5,i7, amd FX or Phenom2), 4 go RAM (8 or 16 is better) and a Webgl capable GPU.

+Can I try before I buy?

Try the online version it's free,and gives you an idea of what it outputs, there is just much much more features in the standalone and i will integrate any new features in priority for it.

+Witch language/framework is GGV written with?

GGV is 100% written in HTML5/javascript, and the standalone is built with NODEJS and Electron.

+I'm too poor aka I live in a third world country and 25 euros is too expensive but i really want the standalone!

If the online version is not enought for you and you are really motivated just get in touch with me.

+Is GGV fast?

The more fx you add the slower it goes...

+Does GGV compatible with Spout/Siphon?

No I don't know yet if it's doable using nodejs and electron. But if it's possible I'll do it. On mac there is Syphoner and it seems to work great with GGV.

+Does GGV outputs in HD?

GGV uses GIF as assets witch are most of the time low rez and is built on the canvas 2D API witch is quite slow when it needs to apply CPU intensive filters on huge images in real time. since v0.8.6 You can record up to 1080p resolution, but i don't recommand gif as output format.

OS Flavor

Once I receive you payment i will send you acces to repository via the Email you used to purchase and i'll keep you updated about every new version available.
Note that every order is processed manually and it can take up to 24h/48h if I'm away from keyboard.

If you have questions/trouble don't hesitate to contact me. via the website or I may even answer faster via facebook
Thank you!